Dracula – Introduction of Characters

Count Dracula – The several hundred year old Transylvanian noblemen is descMurraribed as “tall old man, clean shaven, save for a long white moustache and clad in black from head to foot, without a single speck of colour about him anywhere.” The Count is shown to be very intelligent and forward planning. Dracula is quickly revealed to be a vampiric monster which incredible power. Throughout the book he commands animals, changes form to mist or a bat, has super human speed and strength, and has the power of hypnosis. Although he does have weakness, the Count is limited to the night and may only enter a building once invited in, as a un-dead he is also weak to charms such as the cross, communion wafers, and garlic. Dracula’s main intention is to move to the highly populated England , while their Johnathan sees him and he looks very young which infers he regains his youth by feed on others. Dracula has a tendency to pursue young women, such as the three females vampires he has at his Transylvanian castle.

Johnathan Harker – Johnathan is a young lawyer going to Transylvania to do documentation for a land sale on behalf of a friend he is working for. As he travels to Transylvania and arrives he soon meets Dracula, the person who he is conducting the land sale with. He quickly finds himself as a prisoner is the Count’s castle as recorded in his journal entries. Johnathan barely escapes with his life only to be pulled back into the mystery of the Count once he had returned home. After the Count preys on his devoted new wife, Mina, Johnathan dedicates himself to destroying the Count. Upon the final meeting with the Count Johnathan emerges as a brave and noble fighter.

Mina Murrey – Mina is Johnathan’s devoted fiancee. She is young and works as a schoolmistress. She is very smart, brave, strong, pure, and innocent although she does become one of Dracula’s victims later on in the book. She is best friends with Lucy and eventually becomes married to Johnathan during the novel. With her assistance the men are able to track down the Count and put his evil to a end.

Lucy Westenra – Lucy was Mina’s best friend and was portrayed as a flirtatious and beautiful young women, being proposed o three times in a single day. She becomes Dracula’s first victim within the story and after a seemingly long illness she suffers a untimely death. In death Lucy joins Dracula’s ranks of the un-dead, not by choice. This compromises her soul and revokes her from a eternal heavenly rest. Van Helsing and the other men feel she deserve the peace of being releases from her vampiric state, they followed a ritual of vampire slaying and restored her soul in hopes she will have her well deserved eternal rest.

Van Helsing – Van Helsing is a older man married to his work alone. He is a kind professor and a great scientific mind. He is open minded and knowledge about things of legends such as vampires. Due to this knowledge he was quick to realize what they had been dealing with and knowing they must destory the Count as he was a threat to humanity. Although his English is lacking his leadership is admireable as he helps guide the group in hunting down and fighting Dracula.

Arthur Holmwood – Author is the fiance of Lucy and the only son of Lord Godalming. Author does everything he can to help Lucy, he is the first to give blood for her transfusion and after seeing proof of Lucy’s demonic state he agrees to perform the vampire slaying ritual on her un-dead body. The lose of Lucy helps motivate Arthur to go along with and help fund the fight to hunt down Count Dracula.

John Seward – John is a talented doctor and Van Helsing’s former purpil. He is also in charge of the insane asylum. He was also one of Lucy’s suitors, who had been rejected. John was very rational and intelligent, as well as brave and dedicated.

Quincey Morris – Quincey is a American from Texas. He is one of Lucy’s suitors who happens to be proven brave, good hearted, and forgiving. Quincey also happens to be very wealth. Quincey is a idealization of an American male who bravely gave his life in their fight against the Count.

Renfield – Renfield was a old madman that was one of Dr. Seward’s patients. He suffers from a mental disorder cuasing him to want to consume other lives. He was a strong and refined gentlemen when he wanted to be. Renfield also came under the influence of the Count, who happened to move in very close to the asylum.

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