Dracula – Summary

The story begins with Jonathan Harker on a trip to Transylvania to conduct business with the Count Dracula. Johnathan is meet by the local countrymen who try to warn him of the Count, as while as one lady who gives him a crucifix to ward off the evil and danger.

Johnathan follows the plan and meet the carriage to be taken to the Count castle. The journey lead Johnathan to have more questions then answer as well as being terrified after nearly being attacked by angry wolves. Upon arrival the castle was dark and bleak and after being left by the carriage Johnathan began to fear what he had gotten himself into. However soon the Count had came to great Johnathan and he soon felt more at ease due to the Count hospitality, he also found the Count was very well educated after a few conversations. This ease left him within the few days as Johnathan realized he was was prisoner within the castle walls.

Quickly Johnathan realizes the gravity of his situation and the powers and agenda of his mysterious host. Johnathan was almost even attacked by three diabolical vampire seductresses in his half asleep state, though the Count stops them claiming Johnathan was his property though none of them realize Johnathan was awake to bear witness. With a desire to escape Johnathan scaled the walls of the castle hoping for freedom.

In the meantime Johnathan’s fiance Mina, is messaging her friend Lucy to find out about the multitude of men proposing to her. They later on meet at a small seaside town. While enjoying their stay a ship happens to beach with the crew gone and the captain dead, the only sign of life had been a large dog that had quickly ran off into the country. The ship had contained fifty boxes of dirt that was being shipped from Castle Dracula. Soon afterwards Lucy begins to sleep walk, to the point where Mina had found Lucy had left and was in the town cemetery. Mina was shocked as from the distant she had seen a dark figure with red glowing eyes bent over Lucy. Soon after this night Lucy began to be very ill and two tiny red marked had appeared at her throat which nobody could account for. Being left in mystery Dr. Seward send for his old teacher Professor Van Helsing.

Johnathan was eventually found in a city, suffer from brain fever supposedly. Mina had then went to meet him. After Van Helsing arrived in the seaside town he examined Lucy. Quickly after he orders her rooms be covered in garlic. The garlic worked and Lucy began to get better, though her mother was unaware of the garlic’s importance and removed it due to its odour which left Lucy vulnerable and she began her dissent into poor health again.

The pair of doctors tried over a week to revive Lucy’s health, including doing four transfusions of blood. One evening after, tirelessly trying to recover Lucy’s health, a wolf broke through the window of Lucy’s home. The shock caused Lucy’s old mother’s heart to fail. The wolf then proceeded to attack and kill Lucy.

Van Helsing tries to convince the other men that Lucy is of the un-dead, although they have doubts. There doubts soon left them after observing Lucy in her vampiric state preying on a child, which convinced them she must be dealt with. The following day they followed a ritual of vampire slaying to restore her soul to eternal rest. The ritual involved the men severing the un-dead Lucy’s head and stuffing her mouth with garlic, after driving a stake through her heart. The men soon after pledge to kill the Count himself.

After those involved in the hunt of Dracula regroup Mina and Van Helsing begin collecting all the journals and dairies, trying to patch together their information about Dracula and his future ambitions an plans. Their information lead them to the Count boxes of earth, which they work to purify so that the Count can’t use them as his sanctuary during the days. While on this mission, one of the mental patients let Dracula in where they had been staying, which allowed Dracula to attack Mina.

The men finished sterilizing the boxes of earth and Mina was beginning the slow transformation. With no places left to hide the Count was forced to flee back to his castle. The group follow Dracula, seeking to finish him off, they travel in two groups, one following by sea and another to cut him off by land. Mina and Van Helsing go across the land quickly and make it to the Count castle, where they’re met by the three female vampires. They use their knowledge of vampires to their advantage and safe guard themselves from the three and await the sunrise when they must go back to their un-dead bodies. The duo then cleanse the castle and kill the three female vampires then seal the entrances with sacred objects. The group following the Count catches him as he nears the castle, in the end they kill the Count using their knives. The group was together again and Quincey Morris pasted away from being wounded.

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