A couple of IDS’


So since my course work has been on pace and going well, besides french, I have started two new IDS’. The first one is around non-verbal communications, it will be going into peoples emotional states and what produces specific results as well as learning the basics of body language, such as the “red flags” for deception. My second IDS which has a final initiative planned, is around solar panels and there inner workings. The goal is to learn how solar panels work, what works best, how solar panels are currently being used, and how solar panels are looking at being used in our immediate future. The final goal is to put up a small array of solar panels on the school building to off-set our energy consumption, as we are a heavily energy reliant school so problems such as a blackout would not be as problematic. The solar panels IDS will hopefully bring us towards making a large effort of becoming a greener school with a minimal, if any, sized carbon-footprint.

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  1. Love how you start your post of with a greeting! I know you said that looking up to the left is a sign that someone isn’t telling the truth, but is in fact searching the correlating side of their brain; what are some other ‘red flags’ -as you so aptly put it? Also, your enthusiastic optimism towards your Solar-panel IDS is contagious… Keep up the great work!

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