Dracula Chapter 16 summary

During chapter 16 Van Helsing, Arthur, Quincey Morris, and Dr. Seward go to Lucy’s grave. The grave was empty, as Van Helsing had predicted. Then Van Helsing shoves communion wafers around the openings of the door to prevent the un-dead Lucy from re-entering her tomb. The four men then sit in hiding and wait. Later on that evening a person clothed in white appears, carrying with them a child. The figure is, as reviled by the moonlight, a un-dead Lucy. As her mouth is stained with fresh blood she seems more like a monster than the Lucy they had all known.

Listening to Van Helsing the men then begin to surround un-dead Lucy. As they surrond her she lets go of the child and attempts to persuade Arthur, “my husband” as she said, to come to her. As Arthur begins walking towards Lucy, Van Helsing moves between them holding out his crucifix. After checking with Arthur, he agrees Van Helsing can preform whatever he must on Lucy’s body to save her. Van Helsing then removes the wafers from the door which lets Lucy slip into her grave. They then leave the site, taking the child and leaving them for police to find again.

The following night the men return with a stake and hammer, Arthur then proceeded to hammer the stake through Lucy’s heart. She screamed in pain but the deed was then done. Her body once again looked at peace, as though she had never been a vampire at all. Van Helsing and Dr. Seward then finish the deed by removing Lucy’s head and filling her mouth with garlic. The men a few night later then meet up once again, to discuss the hunting of Dracula himself.

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