December 16th-20th

This has been an amazing week at the Inquiry Hub. I have been progressing in french and have been working on basic conversation with some other students and I believe french is going to get better for me now that I am comfortable trying to speak french with some of the more experienced french students, but I still need to finish this second unit during the break . In English we have finished the narrative poetry section, so during the break I plan on getting my I-hub reads report finishes and hopefully the next poetry unit. As I have said we are behind in Social studies so the class has to finish unit 2.3 over the holiday and we will be putting our noses to the grindstone in January to make sure we get on pace with socials, but I hope to jump ahead a bit over the break so then it is not such a heavy burden. Math is going quite well, I am currently wrapping up unit 3 and hope to finish or be near finishing unit 4 by the end of the break as I really have nothing to do besides reading and course work. Our science has been very steady all year and we have stayed on pace for the most part, all that is left for the current unit of chemistry is going over, I believe they were some type of acid bonds. ¬†An Wilson and I should be able to soon wrap up our IDS in the New year, I am planning on clocking out at 50 hours for 2 credits though, as the project has not been fun or intriguing. The topic I would really like to start my IDS on is alternative energies, so during the break I plan to write up drafts to send to possible resources for supporting me through this IDS as well as reading whatever papers seem useful. But since this was the last week before the winter break we as a school had gone skating and had a potluck. The potluck was amazing with great food, and after a lovely snowball fight most of us went inside and watched rise of the guardians. Skating has easily been the highlight of my week though, I have never been able to skate on my own so I usually choose to stay on the sidelines and boards this time two amazing other students helped me with learning to skate for most of the time we were there and it reminded me off a great quote which I will use to end this post ” A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” -Unknown

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