December 9th-13th

Since I haven’t been keeping my blog up to date I figured better late then never so to start lets begin with what I have done so far and where I am now. I am currently working through the third unit in math which focuses on exponents, I hope to finish this unit before the beginning of the winter break an to complete the following unit during the winter break. My next subject Science is currently being done in topical workshop sessions, we have finished the physics unit and are currently working on the chemistry unit, with the biomes an ecosystems unit as well as the weather unit to soon follow. In English we have worked through the short stories unit as a class and are currently working on narrative poetry, which I personally don’t seem to have a great grasp on I am also currently working on my I-Hub reads report which is being presented on January 8th alongside a trailer. In social studies we as a class have finished the first unit an have recently began on the second, we are behind pace by 4 weeks roughly so I hope that after Monday’s unit 2 project presentation I can talk at least a small group into collaborating over the winter holiday to work together on the socials studies unit 3 and 4. My current IDS (Independent Directed Studies) is working on a water vortex machine as a potential water fountain for our school. My partner Wilson and I have been having troubles with the project as we have not had a working pump for our proto-type an it has only recently been ordered, so we hope to have it finished sometimes soon after the beginning of the new year. I will hopefully be soon pursuing a IDS based around alternative energies and how they are used worldwide an how those ideas can be brought back to benefit Canada as a whole.

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