October Scavenger Hunt

1) Learning to cite and source-Scavenger hunt

By: David truss

2a) I found this to be a very good site to search for other thing that have been saved under a CC licence. I also linked to a blogger’s blog because he showed some very interesting sites to find meie with a CC licence and he had a very good explanation on the internet archive.

Archive.org : Most people only think of Archive.org for the Wayback Machine, but it also offers up a huge selection of audio, video and text documents under the Creative Commons license. –Sean P Aune

2b) As said below a copyright of words only protects the use of that quote. You’re free to use the facts in the quote aswell.

Yes.  You are free to report the facts and ideas embodied in another person’s article or web page.  Copyright only protects the expression — the combination of words and structure that expresses the factual information — not the facts themselves.