Dracula – Chapter two analysis

For my first post this year you will all get to learn of our current English project. We have created a new rendition of the Inquiry Hub reads again this year, except there are four groups doing four different books, the group I have chosen is Dracula. Dracula is well known as one of the classic Gothic novels, chalked full of motifs, themes, and symbolism


Through John Hawker written accounts we read about John first thee days at Dracula castle, starting from when he rode up to the castle in the caleche in the gloom of night. John had remarked that the castle was such a remarkable place, as well as the fact the castle looked very large in the gloom of the courtyard with dark great round arches leading from it.


After the caleche driver has disappear into one of the great archways John found himself alone and waiting in this mysterious courtyard and he began to feel doubts as well as fear, what sort of place had he came to an what sort of grim adventure had he left on? After waiting and worrying John was met at the door Count Dracula. John had at first noticed Dracula’s tall height, clean shaven face, and being absolutely devoid of any colour well being clad in black. After shaking hand John noticed the Count vigorous strength as well as the hand of the Count felt cold as ice more alike to a dead person than a living one. Dracula then had claimed none of his people to be available, so he helped John with his luggage and saw to his comfort personally which is unusual for a man of such wealth during the 19ths century. Although strangling upon arriving to his room John noted the log fire seemed as though it was fresher topped with logs. I felt this definitely foreshadows that Dracula has no servant and perhaps even he has no servants because the local people all fear him greatly.


By this point Johns fears and doubts had been forgotten, to which he realized he was famished with hunger. He found his supper had already been laid out for him outside his bedroom, Dracula then waved for him to sit and eat and apologized as he wound not join him in eating as he had already ate. Thinking nothing of it John ate and afterwards Dracula had offered him a cigar, which he smoked, well they chatted. During this time John could observe Dracula more closely, John had then described the utter foreignness of Dracula unusual, course and pale appearance. After chattng away the night Dracula left and John had gone to bed, an when he awoke he found a note from Dracula excusing himself for the day as he had other matters to attend to.


John had spent the day within a small library attached to his room, as he didn’t want to explore Dracula’s castle without permission. He found many interesting English books which appear as though the Count has been studying them. Later that evening John had dinner and smoked again with Dracula well chatting, an Dracula had once again excused himself as he had ate. Well chatting it became clear Dracula had studying quite well as he seemed to know more of the neighbourhood then John. After chatting the night away again, Dracula had left soon as morning came again.


The following day John writes how he feels uneasy, and how he wishes he had never came. He rationalizes these thoughts in part to what he called “this strange night existence” as well as the fact he has nobody else to talk to besides the Count. John then mentions how he feels he may be the only living soul within the place, this seems to foreshadow the idea of the Count being part of the un-dead. John wrote that he must not let his imagination run, otherwise he will be lost as earlier that day while he was shaving he did not see Dracula behind in in his mirror and couldn’t see him in it even when he saw him in the mirror’s direct line of sight. Although since he was frightened he had given himself a cut that bleed, Dracula seeing this his eyes turned to a demonic fury and he went to grab Johns throat, however John drew away and once Dracula had touched the necklace holding the crucifix the fury seemed to pass. Dracula then told John to be careful of getting cut, as it is more dangerous in that country then he realized. Dracula then noticing the mirror took it from John and threw it out the window claiming it was a foul bauble. After eating breakfast alone as the Count had left John had noted it strange how he still has not seen the Count eat or drink anything. After trying to explore the castle and finding many locked doors John came to a realization and claimed “ The castle is a veritable prison, and I am a prisoner!”.


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