Based on “To kill a mockingbird”


Question 1) Could you be friends with the protagonist of your novel?


Protagonist: Jem Finch


I could be friends with Jem Finch from “To kill a mockingbird”. I believe this because Jem is very similar to modern day children, he shows to be unsettled by the injustice in the legal system, and Jem seemed to be very imaginative.


Jem was similar to a modern day teenager to me. My reasons for this are he was eager to tryout for the local football team and hangout with his friends at school without interruption from his younger sister. He was also very glad to be move into high school and into a more “mature” collection of people without the large number of younger children. I was very similar as I was eager and happy to play Rugby during eighth grade as well as my older sister had gone to a different school then myself giving me the freedom to hangout with my friends free from interruption from her. When I had decided the high school I was going to I was very happy to be moving into a more mature group of people closer to my own age then to the younger children in my old middle school much like I assume Jem felt.


During the hearing of Tom’s case once the sentence was past Jem was very unsettled. He did not find it right or fair to have such an injustice in the legal system just due to somebody race. He at that point temporally lost fate in the legal system as it was in his view corrupt. I have a similar view as I see it not fair nor right for someone to be discriminated against, whether it for the race, sexuality or religion. I have had many times where I have considered a governmental institution or legal system unfair or unjustice an have lost faith in the way the world works time an time again. Although Jem has just began seeing the cruelty of the world I think he has shown he is against the injustice.


Jem also had a very wild imagination as a child. I for one had a great time thinking an dreaming up stories and games during my childhood, just as Jem has done in “To kill a mockingbird”. I think my main attraction to this would be the stories of the Radley’s house as I had a creepy house near myself and there were always wild stories that I would enjoy an want to believe in. He also constantly liked to play make-believe with his sister an Dill during the summer to past the time which I as well did when I was much younger.


I truly believe that Jem would have made a very good friend. We’re both teenagers of similar motives, we both have a strong view in fairness an righteousness, and last but not least we both grew up with a wild imagination.

Inquiry #2 oct, 16th

When I am now: Right now I have completed my guidelines up to date.

Where I want to be after school: I would like to stay up to date with my question of I figuring out what has been done so far to track the debris.

Where I actually am at 3 o’clock: I read up a lot about the topic and have recorded keys part tomorrow I will be looking for more detail and more large detail and shall add that to my previous notes.

I hope to have a couple pages of information by tomorrow so i can begin to highight key information and find main topics for what i am going t talk about and how to present this inquiry. I reall have enjoyed learning about space debris but i still can not belive how so much of it is there because of human stupidity and not asking others before doing something so silly such as destroying a low orbiting satalite with a ASM (Anti-Satalite missile) which was a kinetic kill veichle.

Today i continued researching after completing my inquiry planning sheet and submitting it.  I’ve planned out mostly everything i need to do how i shall do it and how i will be presenting m project aswell today.

October Scavenger Hunt

1) Learning to cite and source-Scavenger hunt

By: David truss

2a) I found this to be a very good site to search for other thing that have been saved under a CC licence. I also linked to a blogger’s blog because he showed some very interesting sites to find meie with a CC licence and he had a very good explanation on the internet archive. : Most people only think of for the Wayback Machine, but it also offers up a huge selection of audio, video and text documents under the Creative Commons license. –Sean P Aune

2b) As said below a copyright of words only protects the use of that quote. You’re free to use the facts in the quote aswell.

Yes.  You are free to report the facts and ideas embodied in another person’s article or web page.  Copyright only protects the expression — the combination of words and structure that expresses the factual information — not the facts themselves.


Second inquiry project

Today we brainstormed questions the one is figured out and choosed was How does space pollution effect our ability to study space from earth? I think it would be difficult because you would need to know what causes space pollution, its estimated dencity and whats the differents between a view from space and earth and explaining it. Another thing i would like to figure out is who causes space pollution or what and how it has effected us so far and if we can clean it.

Peer observation’s 1

a. What was the best suggestion or feedback that you got from classmates that commented in the forum? Who posted the comment?

The best suggestion from mostly everyone was to break up the first and very large slide. It was very long and boring for most people to read. For who posted it I would say the higher percent of people from the class.

b. Was the feedback useful? Why or why not?

The feedback was very helpful it told me about the 666 rule which I was not here for on Monday so it will help me to improve power points and other presentations for the future. It was very useful because it will help me improve my presentations.

2. Reflection

It was a great experience and a good first project I really do look forward to my next inquiry project.

a. What is a key thing that you learned about inquiry learning? (The process of your inquiry)

Doing an inquiry is a lot harder than it seems. You must plan out your time with a bit of lea way and you must either be focused on learning about your topic or you must already have a base of knowledge of it.

b. What do you need help with in order to improve?

I think our biggest problem was being 100% on task there was at most times at least one person goofing off.

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