Inquiry #2 oct, 16th

When I am now: Right now I have completed my guidelines up to date.

Where I want to be after school: I would like to stay up to date with my question of I figuring out what has been done so far to track the debris.

Where I actually am at 3 o’clock: I read up a lot about the topic and have recorded keys part tomorrow I will be looking for more detail and more large detail and shall add that to my previous notes.

I hope to have a couple pages of information by tomorrow so i can begin to highight key information and find main topics for what i am going t talk about and how to present this inquiry. I reall have enjoyed learning about space debris but i still can not belive how so much of it is there because of human stupidity and not asking others before doing something so silly such as destroying a low orbiting satalite with a ASM (Anti-Satalite missile) which was a kinetic kill veichle.

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