A Pendragon analysis!

In the book I am currently reading, Pendragon book five : Black Water written by D.J. Machale, Bobby who is the main narrator was once a normal kid in school as well as an amazing athlete until his uncle Press whisked him away to become a traveler. Bobby who plays the main protagonist of the story is as I would consider, a very well rounded and dynamic character; as he faces many life altering challenges in the face of Saint Dane, who is the main antagonist of the story. As Bobby began his life as a traveler he was scared, nervous, and had no ability to take charge. When Bobby first began as a traveler his legs where quite wobbly and he felt like going home through most of his trip on┬áDenduron, which was the first territory Bobby had gone to with his uncle Press as a traveler. As Bobby continued as a traveler facing many hardships along the way he has gained a large sum of confidence in the face of a challenge, although he may not be perfect as he works alongside the other travelers to beat Saint Dane he has become a much stronger, dependable, and confident character. Bobby has began to realize that he must take lead as the lead traveler against Saint Dane not just for him but for his fellow travelers and his friends back home on Second Earth, the territory which Bobby and all of us would be from. Bobby’s main purpose in the story is to follow Saint Dane to other territories that are reaching a turning point in there history, which Saint Dane tries to take advantage of for the worst to destroy halla. As I have not entirely finished the series of books I do not know a large amount of what halla is and neither does Bobby currently, but I can’t wait to read along on the rest of his and his friends exciting adventurers!

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  1. Very nice summary of the Pendragon series! I like how you only included what you know of the overall plot so far and didn’t reveal too much about each individual book. I know you’re doing a character analysis but I would’ve liked to hear a bit more about your view on the Travelers and their home Territories. Great job Aaron!

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